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Dear friends!

The «Fitodoctor» company is Ukrainian manufacturer of  proper cosmetics and hair care products. We have five reasons to prove it.

The basis of our cosmetics is thermal water from own Arthezian well which is 811 meters deep. Aquifer was formed 5,000 years ago. The water that comes from the depths of the Earth is the most useful for health. It contains minerals and microelements that play a vital role in the metabolism of the skin and is a kind of «living water», which is impossible to recreate in the laboratory. What is the secret of thermal water? The name speaks for itself: «thermo» means «heat». The thermal water sources are deep under ground, this water is heated by the heat of the rocks. The temperature of thermal water is within 37-42ºC.  It has a temperature of   25 -27 оС on the exit from the well. Such water is absolutely clean, it has no microorganisms and does not need preservatives. The hardness of thermal water is 0.4 mmol-ekv/dm3 (water hardness from the tap is 2-4 mmol-ekv/dm3). It allows you to exclude from the formula chemical softeners which are canceled the effect of active components completely.

We use a unique plant extracts that provide the final product effect of a natural plant. The extracts are prepared by safe patented method of supercritical CO2-extraction. This method allows you to keep in extracts of 100% active ingredients plant in its natural form. In other words, the CO2-extract repeats properties of plant completely.  As for a concentration of substances contained in it, you can safely say that there is no analogue of classic extracts. So, the water-alcohol-glycerol chamomile extract contains 5 BAS (biologically active substances), and supercritical chamomile CO2-extract contains a complex of sixteen BAS. The addition of CO2-extracts in the formula allows talking safely about creating truly natural cosmetics.

The «Fitodoctor» cosmetics  is a safe beauty!  The products are manufactured at the factory where is quality management system is certified by Bureau Veritas Certification (BVC) under the international standard ISO 9001:2008 (London). All products have passed dermatological, toxicological and clinical trials in specialized organizations of Ministry of Health of Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan and EU countries. There has never been found irritating or allergenic effects, other side ones. Our cosmetics are the safest! Try and make sure by self!

Everything is under control! The factory has its own certified laboratory.

Quality control is carried out in 3 stages:

1. The stage of raw materials selection. Despite of the fact that raw material suppliers are world-famous companies («Cognis», Germany; «BASF», Germany; «Fragrance Oils», England; «Floressence», France; «Clariant», Switzerland, etc.), the raw materials are passed through careful control of each batch at the entrance.

2.  During the products manufacture. There is parameters control during boiling (adherence to recipes and technologic process) and packing. The products manufacture is based on a process in which human involvement is minimal: workers are in contact with components of products during loading last ones only. Further process related to product or its components are made using vacuum pumps. Control over the boiling is carried out by computers.

3. Output. Final products go through careful laboratory testing (microbiological purity, appearance, color, odor, physical and chemical characteristics, quality, packaging, labeling). For each batch of passport issued to Quality. Samples taken from each batch are stored in the laboratory during the entire shelf life.

The equipment.  No analogues in Ukraine! The company owns the production which is equipped with special equipment.

The processor unit «FRYMA» (Switzerland) is used for cosmetic masses preparation can make up to 8 tons of cream per shift. The cosmetic emulsions preparation process is made by high-performance mixers, homogenizers in a vacuum and it eliminates micro impurities completely. Production is based on a process in which human involvement is minimal. Weighing and loading of components are made automatically. Leading by the operator is going from a central control panel. The temperature control in manufacture process is made automatically with an accuracy of 1 °C .

The tube filling machine «NORDEN» (Sweden) and «KALIX» (France) for filling and sealing of laminate and plastic tubes with a capacity of up to 250 per minute. It is very often the tightness of the tube is in a place of sealing. So, it is just such a high quality equipment ensures perfect quality sealing (smooth, without the «waves»). The dosing system ensures accurate of these machines, with an accuracy of ± 0,5%, filling the tube, ensuring high quality final product.  Simultaneously, the sealing of tube labeled with «lot number», «date of manufacture» and «expired date». Method of marking is hot stamping. It is impossible to wipe and reprint such a labeling can no, in contrast to the printer's one.

Automatic line «PKB» (France) for packing of cosmetic products in bottles has capacity of 60 bottles per minute. The control of this line automatic makes via the Internet by the manufacturers of this equipment from France directly.  

The packaging equipment «BOSSAR» (Spain) for cosmetic products packaging  in stable soft packs of different shapes and formats like a  Doy Pack with capacity of  70 packs per minute.

All equipment coming into contact with the product or its components are made of polished stainless steel AISI-316, certified by the cosmetics industry standards and meets all European requirements.