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Repeinaia line is the secret of healthy hair!

4 Steps to Healthy and Magnificent Hair

Healthy hair is one of the most luxurious accessories that we have. They decorate, make any image appealing. Therefore, it is important to pay enough attention to their health.

The criteria for beauty hair

At first, it is the shine. Healthy hair, no matter what color they are, have a natural shine, they do not look dull.

At second, normally every day we lose 50 to 100 hairs, depending on their thickness and length. If hair loss is increased then there is a problem.

At third, healthy hairs are elastic, have not split ends and do not break under tension.

And finally, it is equally important condition of the scalp. Increased sebaceous glands secretion or dryness, dandruff and itching are all point to the fact that there are any problems.

There are many reasons why the hairs lose its strength and health. It can be stressful, metabolic disorders, chronic diseases, poor environment or improper care.

Complex application of therapeutic agents that are

based on  BURDOCK OIL will make even  lifeless hair

healthy, thick, elastic and shiny.

Dry and damaged hair leave in the past.