The criteria of the proper cream.

Looking at the harmonious ranks of cosmetic products in the store, more and more clearly understand it is difficult to make the right choice.

The choice of cosmetics requires some training, because improperly selected cream, at best, has no benefit, and, at worst, can lead to tragic consequences: an allergic rash, exfoliation, impaired pigmentation, edema, increased secretion of the sebaceous glands, expansion of pores , the appearance of the capillary network, etc.

The quality cosmetics have visual differences. It is needed only one look at the packaging and read what it says there.

What is the proper cream appearance and what should be in the first place do I look for?                 


1. The packaging for the cream is so essential: a jar or tube. Using the cream from jar it so easy to put on the bacteria, resulting in the cream gets spoil. For this reason the manufacturer of jar cream obviously has to increase the amount of preservative. The cream in tube has its advantages: there is no contact with the cream mass, with your hands and the environment. The products packaged in tubes, have long time store and do not lose quality during the shelf-life.


2. There is perfect quality of the tube sealing. It is very often the tightness of the tube is in place sealing. Only high quality equipment ensures perfect quality seal (smooth, without the «waves»). These high-performance and fully automated production lines (automatic delivery of tubes, auto up ± 0,5%, automatic sealing, automatic marking) is the quality assurance of final product.


3. The marking – «batch number», «date of manufacture» and «valid until» is stamped on the sealing of the tube. Such labeling can not wipe and kill. Shelf life is very interesting indicator. It says the amount of the preservative in formulation. The creams optimum shelf life is 2 years. If the specified shelf life of 3 years and more, then use a more harder preservative and its share increased by 1.5-2 times.


4. Having Tamper (metal membrane under the cap) - a very important and necessary thing in order to be sure that no one used the cream.


5. The formulation of the package must be complete. Some manufacturers hide the illegal and hot components under the following phrases:

   - Preservative;

   - Plant complex;

   - Active complex;

   - A complex of active ingredients;

   - A complex of biologically active substances;

   - Antioxidants;

   - Moisturizing, nourishing complex


6. Prohibited ingredients. Carefully review the cream! As part of cosmetic products should not be used ingredients that are prohibited European cosmetic association:

    - A mixture of  triethanolamine and bronopol (Bronapol + Trietanolamine)  is a mixture of preservative and neutralizer, which provokes skin cancer;

    - Hydroquinone (Hydroquinone) is a bleaching component which is toxic to skin cells;

    - Dietiltoluamid and diethyl (N, N - Diethyl Toluamide, N, N - Diethyl Phtalate) are components of repellents, which can cause allergic reactions;

    - Methyldibromglutaronitrile (Methyldibromo Glutaronitrile) is strong carcinogen that influents on the reproductive system of a person;

    - Boric Acid (Boric Acid) - a toxic and highly hot substance.


             The last two components are strong preservatives that are used to suppress the growth of bacteria in unsanitary production.

             Be careful: the strong odor of cosmetic products is masking of poor-quality raw materials!


            Having package review experience comes always in handy. Now you can distinguish real from fake products, you can separate truth from falsehood, if to compare the advertising of cosmetics and its formulation. So, you do just the right purchase, which will bring joy to you and your skin.